Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Student-Centered Assessment

This module has helped me think about student-centered assessment in many ways. I learned that it is very important to actively involve students in the assessment progress. This can be done by creating and using a project checklist and/or a project rubric. I have also learned that involving students in the assessment process can be difficult.

As a high school non-diploma track special education teacher, I find it very hard to motivate my students to take an active role in assessment. My students typically shut down when they receive work they are responsible for completing. To help students stay motivated in the assessment process, I can give them one piece at a time and reinforce their work in a positive manner. I can also share assessment expectations by modeling appropriate ways of giving and receiving feedback.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Unit

"Using the Internet to Research Careers"

Unit Summary:
Students will be learning how to navigate the internet to research practical career fields. My class will create a research-driven PowerPoint presentation to inform other students about various career options. Students will then create a blog in which he/she will self-reflect on information gathered through his/her research

Curriculum-Framing Questions
Essential Question:
What Does the Future Hold?

Unit Questions:
What is research?
Why is finding a suitable career important for us as citizens?

Content Questions:
Why is it important to understand technology?
How do good researchers find exactly what they want when using the world-wide web?
What are practical careers?
How do I present research?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Role as an Instructional Designer...

This module has made me think about my role as an instructional designer. I have gained knowledge on how to use project-based learning in my classroom to assess student learning. My role as an instructional designer is to provide effective assessments to monitor student learning throughout the unit or lesson being taught. My role is to also implement meaningful project-based learning assessments that are meaningful and fun to students.